How about a delicious and healthy home-prepared meal for your loved one? Here is an easy 4-course meal that will fill you up with flavors and love!

Colorful, beautiful, delicious, and healthful. Oh and it’s easier than it looks and very rich in flavors. Here is a 4-course dinner that will help create some great moments. Roll up your sleeves and get to your Naked Kitchen. Tag us on your social media to see what you came up with.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

 – First Course –

Naked Holiday Gazpacho

Naked Holiday Gazpacho | Plant-based Vegan Recipes | Naked Food Magazine


– Second Course –

Beet, Potato and Jicama Salad 

Beet, Potato and Jicama Salad | Naked Food Magazine


– Third Course –

Seasoned Antioxidant Tofu Steaks

Maple Tofu Steaks | Naked Food Magazine


– Fourth Course –

Quinoa Truffles

Quinoa Truffles | Naked Food Magazine