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Margarita Restrepo is the art director, founder and editor-in-chief of the award winning publication Naked Food. She is the leading Naked Food chef, author of the Naked Food Cookbook, The Wholiday Cookbook, The Wholeoween Cookbook, The Big Book of Naked Recipes and co-author of the Master Plants Cookbook.

Margarita is a Naturopath and the founder and pioneer of Reversive Medicine, as well as the founder of WFPB.ORG, the Whole Food, Plant-based Initiative. She is the also the author of the evidence-based Universal Guideline for Human and Planetary Health, (available in over 5 different languages) which is an evidence-based dietary guideline for health and wellness void of political or corporate bias. Margarita is also the author of the upcoming evidence-based 4-Body Cancer Protocol. 

After losing her boyfriend and music partner to a stage IV brain cancer (GBM) in January 2012, she felt the responsibility to help as many people as possible, including herself, to understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle choices in the prevention and reversal of diseases. Following a whole food, plant-based diet helped decrease the growth of her boyfriend’s terminal brain cancer tumors by 25 percent in 3 months. He was given 10-30 days to live after diagnosis.  She had also been diagnosed with anxiety attacks, cystic fibrosis, and a severe iodine deficiency, before following the Naked Food Diet.

I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.  I am changing the things I cannot accept.
– Margarita Restrepo

Naked Food Magazine was created to honor her boyfriend’s valorous and courageous experience with terminal cancer, and it is dedicated to every human and non-human life that has been lost to misguidance and unawareness. Learn more about her story and inspiration.

Margarita Restrepo, Naked Food Magazine

Margarita on the Media:

  1. Mike

    your recent e mail recommended a book “Tripping over the truth” about the Warburg theory of cancer causation. The author seems to conclude that a ketogenic diet is the best approach for cancer management which is a departure from your usual approach. Do you have different information to now promote the ketogenic diet

    • Hello! Ketogenesis is achieved through calorie restriction; a state where the body utilizes its stored fat. Our approach is based in a whole food, plant-based nutritional approach.

  2. Rod

    Hi Margarita, hope your sun is shining ?. Today I was grocery shopping and got to the checkout and remembers I need to get some reusable shopping bags. Looked around and didn’t see any bags that inspired me (i shop at diffent food stores to the best I can find). I thought to myself, “i would love a reusable Naked Food bag with gorgeous art that would bring me joy just looking or carrying it ?. Maybe a beautiful bag that’s available at the season changes …haha. Any way, wishing you well and maybe this is something for you to kick around. Btw I’m excited about the expo coming up. I hope to go in 2019 Florida ? all the best

    • Hi Rodney, thank you for your beautiful message! We do have a natural fiber bag that you may like, take a look at it. We would love to see you in #wholexpo next time around <3 Blessings, love, and health.

  3. Rod

    Yes :) surrounded by that, connected with people who desire life, and live their values, honoring them in mind and expression. You are in that picture ☀️! The naked magazine does belong to us all, only because you have made it so (,,,).

    Sharing this feels great. I think it’s because the love for life is felt so strong and the journey towards amazing health in mind, body and purpose is of highest value. No doubt we could talk of food, Gerson, transformation, outdoors, nature, awareness of it all, within and without, un-hijacking the life smothered in pain..yeah.
    LOL Margarita, I just want to go trail hiking now.

  4. Rod

    Dear Margarita, it’s beautiful. The message, the art, the food, the color, the story, the people. My eyes fill with happy rain as i write this note and I’m swelling with excitement for life while reading the magazine and surfing the web site. So inspiring. It resonates within. Some times it’s as if I don’t even have to read, so much leaps off the pages. It’s beautiful. Your values and vision and excitement shine thru it all.

    Today while reading the new spring magazine, I was carried in thought to a desire of creating a beautiful kitchen with a fresh produce stand built on top of the counters with automatic mist keeping them delightful. Loaded with wonderful veggies. Just to look at them in their setting would be energizing. Beside it is my amazing juicer, basking in a sun lit room. (carefree smiles)

    To your joy and success,

    • Dear Ron, it is absolutely an honor to have you as a reader and to receive this message from you. There is a lot of heart put into the pages of Naked Food, and I am filled with joy to know that it comes across. This magazine is only a way to give a voice to the amazing people who have done so much for us by bringing the message of Food as Medicine to the world. The magazine belongs to all of us because the information affects all of us. What a beautiful thought you had! Yes! Count me in that picture as well! There is nothing more beautiful than to be surrounded by life, nature, and tons of colorful and living foods! <3 :)

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