Thank you for your interest in contributing. Feel free to review the following information and get ready to submit.  This is what you need to know:

What to write about:

Our focus is:
* To educate, inform, inspire and empower about an organic whole food plant-based nutrition to prevent, reverse, and heal disease.
* To educate regarding the adverse consequences of consuming animal derived and processed foods, sugar, as well as following fad dietary practices.
* To transform the current health care system into an integrative medicine system that focuses on personalized care, nutritional education, prevention, and awareness for both patients and medical professionals.
* To create awareness about organic and locally grown foods, as well as calls to action for food labeling, GMOs, CAFOs and safer food systems.
* To participate in local and global efforts that build consciousness concerning green practices and ways to reduce carbon footprint and climate change.

Other specific subjects to write that include sustainable, Plant-based, whole food living at a 360 degrees such as:

Whole Food, Plant-based Nutrition
Healing with Food /  Food As Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine
Debunking Nutrition Myths
Raising Children On A plant-based Lifestyle
Organic Farming
Urban Farming
Plant-based Weddings
Plant-based Travel
Sustainable Vegan Fashion and Beauty
Sustainable Vegan Design
Plastic Waste
Food Waste
Animal Welfare & Compassion

a. Word count:
Articles typically run between 250-800 words.

b. Tone:
Science-based, Inclusive, accessible, informative, intelligent, and generally positive. Take a look at what we’ve previously printed.

c. Original Content:
We don’t require content to be unique to Naked Food Magazine. Our philosophy focuses in the importance of the content and not in its uniqueness, however, we do require that the content follows the philosophy explained above. 

d. What we don’t want:
1. We are not interested in SEO-driven submissions or posts that are not in line with our philosophy.
2. If you work for a content farm or are a freelancer who writes articles for the sole purpose of linking up keywords in an effort to boost SEO, we are not interested.
3. If your submission or bio references promote a business or service that is not in line with our philosophy (e.g. a weight-loss gimmick), we are not interested.

e. Acceptance: Since we do not compensate contributors for articles or posts, we’re more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your article/post goes live.

For Recipes:

– ALL RECIPES MUST BE 100% WHOLE, PLANT-BASED and VEGAN.  That means recipes must be free of sugar, salt, oil, and animal-derived ingredients.
– Recipes must support organic, non-GMO agriculture as well as a sustainable lifestyle.

Guidelines & Tips:

– Please proofread your article before submission.
– By submitting, you agree to let our editors proofread, change, or alter any content that doesn’t fall under the above guidelines.
– Only one space after a period when beginning a new sentence.
– “Naked Food Magazine” is three words.
– If your post contains links, we will revise them before linking to outside sources.
– Personalization is always great.
– Lists and numbered posts with tips typically do well, e.g., “5 Tips to a perfect nutrition” or “10 Reasons to buy local.”
– Once your posts go live, please share with your friends via email, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Naked Food Magazine. If your post performs extremely well and you become a regular contributor, you can earn a spot as a “Naked Food Expert” in our Magazine.


Please email us the following if you’re ready to submit your post:
a. Your full post with a working title. Please send text in a word document. No PDF documents please.
b. Any relevant images you would like us to review must be included as individual files and not attached to text documents.
For original content or recipe submissions please provide the appropriate images if available. High resolution images are required for submission to the printed publication. Low resolution content or recipes will be considered for online content only.
c. Your brief bio (less than 30 words) with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, or other pages you would like us to feature.
d. A headshot or photo of yourself that you’d like us to use for you bio. High-resolution images are preferred.
e. All of the above can be sent to submissions [at]

  1. Great Blog Thank You

  2. Tim Matthewson

    Dear Naked Mag team,

    I really love your magazine and would love to submit an article to you.

    I recently finished my A-Levels and as part of my Extended Project Qualification, which I received an A* in, I wrote a piece on the benefits of a plant-based diet for endurance athletes. It is 5000 words and if you’re interested I can easily cut it down and submit that to you rather than the whole piece.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Tim Matthewson

  3. I am a regular reader of your blog.
    Feeling so happy that I would get a chance to write for you guys.

  4. Nice post. Thanks for information & healthy tips in your blog.

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    Your posts are always helpful. Read every time. Thank you for sharing with us. Looking forward to some nice content in future as well.

  6. To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

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