We are a very small team and we are not able to answer every email we receive. Please review this FAQ before sending an email.


When will I receive my first print issue? I ordered a few weeks ago.

We apologize for keeping you waiting! Subscription copies are mailed in two or three mass mailings during the term of the issue.  You may experience 4-6 weeks of delay if your order came right after a mailing.

Please note the following: 

  • Memberships to WFPB.ORG DO NOT automatically grant you a subscription to Naked Food. Your subscription must be claimed by logging into your WFPB Account and going to “Benefits”.  You will see the instructions to claim your subscription. This information was provided to you before signing up for a membership. New members receive an email confirmation with their order which also includes their account credentials.  Please check your junk folder for that email and make sure our emails do not go to your junk or undesirables folder as you will need that email for purchase confirmation, purchase receipt, account credentials, and other important things.
  • USPS is delaying Canadian subscriptions and your issue may take 4-6 weeks to arrive unfortunately.
  • Make sure you did not order a digital subscription and are expecting a print issue to arrive.
  • If your order was placed after the last mass mailing, your subscription will start with the next issue.

Check below for usual yearly mailing dates (4 issues per year).  Please not these dates may be subject to change. 

  1. February 20th – April 20th
  2. May 20th – July 20th
  3. August 20th – October 20th
  4. November 20th – January 20th


I purchased 4 (or 8) issues but my account has less. Why?

Your account may show less because a mailing list has been processed and an issue is being mailed to you.


It’s been a long time.  My issue must have gotten lost.

We rely on the US Postal Service to deliver the magazines. Unfortunately mail does get lost from time to time. Don’t despair.  First, login to your account and make sure your subscription was made for a print version.  Sometimes people subscribe to the digital edition and wait for their magazine to show up in the mailbox.  Print versions have a letter P for periodicals and digital subscriptions have a D for digital.  If you are in Canada you will have a letter C, and if you are outside of the US it will say AirMail.

If you do have a print subscription, you have checked the mailing dates above, and you still believe you your issue got lost, please email us below and we will send you a replacement copy right away.


How do I know if an issue has been mailed to me? 

Simple. Log into your account and check the status of your order.  If your order is missing an issue is because the first issue is on its way to you.  If the order still has the same issues you purchased it means your first issue will be mailed with the next batch of mailings or it will be mailed with the upcoming version.

If you’d really like to receive the current issue please email us, and we’ll mail it for you with a shipping fee.  This is the shipping fee we pay to mail an individual periodical without the postal service’s mailing rate.


Do I still have a subscription? 

Login to your account.  You’ll need your account number and zip / postal code.  If you don’t know your account number simply click on the ““Forgot Your Account Number?” link below the login fields.


How do I update the address on a subscription?

Log into your account. Click on the text that says “change” next to your address information. Update the address fields and click “save”.  To login to your account you need your account number and zip / postal code.  If you don’t know your account number simply click on the ““Forgot Your Account Number?” link below the login fields.


I just subscribed.  Where is my digital issue?

Once an new order is entered in the system, you should receive an email confirmation about it from SimpleCirc, our third party subscription system host. The email will contain your account number and a link that you can use to login to your account anytime.  You can also log in to your account with your new account number anytime.  To access the digital issues click on the top menu labeled Naked Food Magazine. You will find all of your digital issues there.  If you have not received an email or don’t know your account number, simply use the “Forgot Your Account Number?” link in the bottom of the login page.


I want to switch to a print subscription (or vice versa). 

Send us a quick email with the order number you’d like to switch and the subscription term you are interested in.  We will send you an online invoice with the difference if switching to a printed format or provide you a credit for the remaining of your order if switching to a digital format.  See the options for USCanadian, or International subscriptions.


How can I renew my subscription online?Renew your print or digital subscription in a couple of minutes by logging into your account. Simply click on the blue RENEW button on the right side of your screen. Click on the subscription of your choice from the drop-down menu and follow the prompt to enter your payment information. Voila.Renew your subscription now.


How can I renew a gift subscription?

Login to your account and click the GIFTS tab.  You will be able to renew any of your gift subscriptions from this page.


I’d like to start my subscription with the next issue.  I already have the current one. 

No Problem!  Simply send us an email and let us know.  We’ll update your subscription to start with the next issue.


Still have a question? If your question is in this FAQ please don’t email us with the same question.

If your question refers to press, advertising, collaborations, or any other subject, please email us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for stopping by!