Magazine and Subscriptions:

When will I receive my first print issue? I ordered a few weeks ago.

We apologize for keeping you waiting! Subscription copies are usually mailed in two or three mass mailings during the term of the issue. Each issue lasts an approximate time of three months and in average, one mailing is made per month.

During the last two years, three of our printing houses have closed their doors and because of this, our print delivery has been delayed.  Printed copies have been being mailed later than expected so please be patient as your issue will arrive.  Please do not email us asking where your issue is as your email will not be answered.  We appreciate your patience and support on this.


How long should it take to receive an issue?

The regular schedule for mailings is below. Please add 4-8 weeks to the date of your purchase, for example: If you placed an order on July 7th, and the mailing date is July 20th, your first issue may take up to September 20th to arrive.

There are 4 issues per regular subscription. If your order was placed after the third mass mailing, your subscription will start with the next issue.

Our issues and mailing dates are as follows:*

Issue 1: March / April / May

Issue 2: June / July / August

Issue 3: September / October / November

Issue 4:  December / January / February

*Dates are subject to change


It’s been a long time.  My issue must have gotten lost.

We rely on the US Postal Service to deliver the magazines. Unfortunately mail does get lost from time to time. Don’t despair.  First, login to your account and make sure your subscription is for a print version and not a digital one.  Sometimes people subscribe to the digital edition and wait for their magazine to show up in the mailbox!  Print versions pricing varies from digital pricing, so please compare with your invoice or email receipt.

If you do have a print subscription, you have checked the mailing dates above, and you still believe you your issue got lost, we will provide you with a replacement issue once the period of the issue is over.  Keep in mind that first issues may take from 4-8 weeks to arrive. Replacement issues are not provided for issues missing from a mailing address change that was not updated on time.


I’ve moved.  Can you mail me replacements for the issues I didn’t receive?

If you have moved and you are in the United States, the USPS will forward periodicals to your new address for 60 days as long as you provide them with a notice. It is your responsibility to update your mailing address in our system to make sure you receive the magazines that you’ve paid for.  We are not responsible for address changes or for updates to your address that have been emailed or mailed to us. Please login to your account and update your information when needed.  We do not provide replacement issues for any issues that were mailed to your old address or for issues lost due to a mailing address that was not updated.


How do I update the address on a subscription?

Log into your account. Click on the text that says “change” next to your address information. Update the address fields and click “save”.  To login to your account you need your account number and zip / postal code.  If you don’t know your account number simply click on the ““Forgot Your Account Number?” link below the login fields.

Subscribers are responsible for making sure their subscription has a valid address at all times. Our team is not responsible for making address changes to your account or to send out missing issues if your address has changed.


My issue arrived damaged. Can you send a replacement?

Naked Food is a plastic-free publication, therefore, we choose to not use plastic to wrap magazines for sustainability reasons.  If your magazine comes in the mail damaged, please email us with a photo of the damage and we will replace the damaged copy. Please also file a claim immediately with the USPS if you wish to receive the cost of the magazine back to you. You must file no later than 60 days after the mailing date.


I purchased a digital product but I did not receive it. I want a refund. 

Please remember that we don’t provide refunds. Digital products should show up in your screen right after payment.  Otherwise, you should receive an email receipt with a link to view or download your purchased product.

Please make sure your browser allow pop-ups from our website, otherwise it will prevent a window with your product to show up!

Purchasing a digital product and then raising a dispute with your card is considered fraud, so please make sure to understand that refunds are not provided.


I purchased a product but I don’t like waiting.  I want a refund.

Please remember that we don’t provide refunds. Purchasing any of our products and then raising a dispute with your credit card company is considered fraud, so please understand that we do not provide refunds before placing your order.  We understand it can be frustrating to wait a long time but we assure you that you will be happy with your magazine.  In case you are unsatisfied, don’t want to wait, or have changed your mind, please consider donating your subscription to someone who needs it, a doctor’s office, a hospital, family, or a friend.  We can help transfer your subscription to a person in need as we don’t offer refunds on subscriptions.


How do I know if an issue has been mailed to me? 

Simple. Log into your account and check the status of your order.  If your order is missing an issue is because it is on its way to you.  If the order still has the same issues you purchased or the same number of issues from the last time you received a magazine, it means your issue will be mailed with the next batch of mailings (see above for dates) or it will be mailed with the upcoming version (if the order was received after the third mailing).

If you have missed the mailings but you still want to receive the current issue, please email us, and we’ll mail it for you with a shipping fee of $3.  This is the shipping fee we pay to mail an individual periodical without the postal service’s mailing rate.

To login to your account you need your account number and zip / postal code.  If you don’t know your account number simply click on the ““Forgot Your Account Number?” link below the login fields.


I just subscribed.  Where is my digital issue?

Once a new order is entered in the system, you should receive an email confirmation about it from SimpleCirc, our third party subscription system host. The email will contain your account number and a link that you can use to login to your account anytime.  You can also log in to your account with your new account number anytime.  To access the digital issues click on the top menu labeled Naked Food Magazine. You will find all of your digital issues there.  If you have not received an email or don’t know your account number, simply use the “Forgot Your Account Number?” link in the bottom of the login page.


I am a member of WFPB.ORG but haven’t received any magazines. 

WFPB.ORG is an organization that has a number of initiatives, one of those is Naked Food. You have signed up to be a member of WFPB.ORG, which entitles you to several benefits including a subscription to Naked Food, should you wish to claim it. To claim your benefits, you need to sign in to your WFPB Account and follow the instructions to claim your benefits, including a subscription to Naked Food.

We are not able to claim benefits in your behalf. The magazine benefit included is the same length of the membership you have chosen to join.


What phone number can I call for customer support? 

We don’t offer phone customer support.  Send any email requests to help [at] for questions not supported on this FAQ.


I have been leaving messages on your social media websites, can you help?

We don’t offer customer support on our social media or main platform websites.  Comments or messages left on these platforms are not serviced.  Send any email requests to for questions not supported on this FAQ.


I’m having trouble printing my digital magazine! Help!

We don’t recommend printing any of our digital material. Feel free of course to print a few pages for copies or for reference but we don’t make digital versions with the purpose of printing them. With today’s tools, you can view and follow recipe instructions from a tablet, phone or computer. Our goal is also to save unnecessary use of paper and ink. You must be wondering, “but don’t you print a magazine?”, we do but we do it responsibly and sustainably using recycled paper and soy ink so we offer the magazine in print for those who want that option. We are trying our best while raising consciousness. Hope you understand.


I want to switch to a print subscription (or vice versa). 

Send us a quick email with the order number you’d like to switch and the subscription term you are interested in.  We will send you an online invoice with the difference if switching to a printed format or provide you a credit for the remaining of your order if switching to a digital format.  See the options for US, Canadian  or International subscriptions.


How can I renew my subscription online?

Renew your print or digital subscription in a couple of minutes by logging into your account. Simply click on the blue RENEW button on the right side of your screen. Click on the subscription of your choice from the drop-down menu and follow the prompt to enter your payment information. Voila. Renew your subscription now.


How can I renew a gift subscription?

Login to your account and click the GIFTS tab.  You will be able to renew any of your gift subscriptions from this page.


My subscription is expired.  Can I still access past issues?

No. Access to your products are available while your subscription is active. Once it expires, you don’t have access.  To remedy this issue, renew your subscription.


I’d like to start my subscription with the next issue.  I already have the current one. 

No Problem!  Simply send us an email and let us know.  We’ll update your subscription to start with the next issue.

Still have a question?  We are always here to help.  Please email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for stopping by!


Help on Naked Food Cookbooks

I am having trouble printing my cookbook! Help!
We don’t recommend printing any of our digital material. You can always print a few pages for copies or for reference but we don’t make digital cookbooks with the purpose of printing them. With today’s tools, you can view and follow recipe instructions from a tablet, phone or computer. Our goal is also to save unnecessary use of paper and ink. You must be wondering, “but don’t you print a magazine?”, we do but we do it responsibly and sustainably using recycled paper and soy ink so we offer the magazine in print for those who want that option. We are trying our best while raising consciousness. Hope you understand.

  1. Lauren Ondine Robinson

    I logged into my account and it says 7 issues remaining. Does that mean one has been sent out? I haven’t received any yet and I ordered it Feb 14th. It’s April 5th today.

  2. Christine Laufer

    I cannot fine the references for summer-2021

  3. Jamie Lynn Braziel

    I don’t see a Fall 2018 issue in my digital area. Was there not one that year?

  4. Leanne

    I want to give a digital subscription as a Christmas gift but I want it to arrive in their email box on Christmas Eve. I don’t see an option for start date on your subscription form. Is this an option.

    • Hi Leanne! We are sorry, we don’t have such option. Perhaps you could place your order on Christmas eve.

  5. Cindy

    I looked at my request for a subscription and it states that I have 3 remaining yet I have not received any ..Please advise

    • Hi Cindy! That means that from 4 issues you have purchased one is already on the way. Firs issue delivery may take form 4 to 8 weeks from the time it was ordered. Please look above for dates and mailings for further information.

  6. Fran Heckrotte

    I’d like to give the print version subscription to my goddaughter in Montreal, Canada. How can that be done?

    • Hi Fran, absolutely! If you are a current subscriber, just log into your subscription account and click on the GIVE GIFT button located on the right top corner of your account window. If you are not a current subscriber, simply go to this page and click on the small gift icon with that says GIVE A GIFT. Follow the prompts and you are done. :)

  7. Donna Adams

    how do i get a package deal and receiving all the back issues? Are all recipes in US measures. I ordered a subscription to a vegan magazine and everything is called out in metrics. Frustrating.

    • Hi Donna! Not all back issues are available in print anymore. Please visit the back issue page and chose the ones you would like to purchase. Yes, Naked Food recipes are in US measures. :)

  8. Gloria

    I had already subscribed to the magazine, I thought – I mailed a card back to you a few weeks ago from my first magazine I bought in 2018 that was stuck inside. The card said to mail it back in and I’d be billed. I have heard absolutely nothing nor received a magazine. I don’t want to order another subscription if I’m going to indeed be charged for one already. Nor do I want to buy a holiday magazine if one is going to be sent to me. Please help. I have the Masters Plants cookbook and love it.

    • Hi Gloria! Happy to have you in the Naked Food family! :) You must send payment along with your subscription in order for it to be submitted and fulfilled. We have never provided a “bill me later option” since the magazine started in 2013. You can send your subscription and payment online or mail. Subscription information can be found in this page.

  9. Craig Holman

    just so you are aware I just tried to order a subscription for my daughter in law and grandchildren with the intent of ordering for my other three children. I filled in their names as the recipient and then filled out the information for my credit card and address. When I completed the order the magazine was sent to me. My grandkids will not get the magazine and I will not order the three additional subscriptions. Good magazine but…….

    • Hi Craig, we are sorry you had that experience! Our system works pretty well –you must have entered their information as the giftee. :(

  10. Lynn

    How can I get the Spring 2018 issue resent to me. I subscribed last year. Do I need to subscribe again or just pay for that issue?

  11. Linda Manley

    I placed an order for a subscription on July 6, 2019. I have not receive anything yet. When can I expect the subscription to begin?

    Your order has been processed.
    Account ID 71456562
    Processed on Jul 06, 2019 09:15 am EDT.

    • Hi Linda,
      You must count 4-8 weeks after your mailing date, in this case, July 25th. You should receive your issue by of before September 25th.

  12. Shelly Kastler

    I was a digital subscriber until earlier this year. I would like to now access those past editions. Can I still view my magazines without renewing? I missed out on reading or downloading them when they were current. Thanks!

  13. Lara Willingham

    I just joined WFPB, and I thought that a subscription to Naked Food magazine was included in the yearly fee. I was told to “apply promo code” but I never received a promo code. Please clarify and help. Thank you.

    • Hi Lara, welcome. Your magazine subscription is a benefit offered by WFPB.ORG, so you need to log into your WFPB account and you will see the instructions to claim the subscription there.

  14. Elizabeth Meeker

    What issue has the Thanksgiving recipes?

  15. Laura Shaw

    If you subscribe do you have access to all of the old magazines

  16. Cindy Fehd

    I am a digital subscriber but would like to go back to print. How?

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