Naked Food is stepping up to the plant-based plate and creating the largest directory of whole food, plant-based nutrition practitioners, products, services, and professionals worldwide.  The Naked Food Guide is geared to be the most comprehensive and powerful plant-based community ever created, and will be available to all of us.

The Naked Food Guide - The Worldwide Resource For Everything Plant-based

The guide will include the following plant-based professionals, businesses, and services:

~ Doctors & Physicians
~ Farmer’s Markets
~ Nutritionist & Dietitians
~ Chefs
~ Wellness Centers
~ Clinics & Hospitals
~ Veterinarians
~ Food Products
~ Health Coaches
~ Websites & Blogs
~ Restaurants & Cafes
~ Hotels
~ Gyms & Yoga Centers
~ Personal Trainers
~ Businesses & individuals who support plant-based nutrition

Be featured!

To add you to the guide, please send us an email with the following information:
Name/Last Name
Occupation / Product / Service
Company / Business Name / Organization
Telephone (if applicable)
Email address

Please include any other relevant information that should be included in the listing.

Thanks for creating this with us!

  1. Janette

    I love the idea of this plant based guide! When is it expected to be available? Thank you.

  2. Judy

    I just listened to your interview with Jennifer Cornbleet. I found the interview very interesting. I want to begin eating more healthier and believe your magazine will help. Thank You.

  3. Karen

    Will Vegan Cruises and other vacation options be listed? Thanks!!

    • Hopefully yes, though businesses and services need to send out their information to be included. :)

  4. Lin

    Whole foods, plant based for 5 years now!

  5. Bandana N Chawla

    This guide sounds great! Thanks for organizing this :-)

  6. Koni Christopher

    I would like to see as part of your guide a career opportunity section for people seeking job opportunities to work in the plant based lifestyle movement. I’m also interested in volunteer positions to help educate others how to transition to a healthier life. Could your guide include a forum for this endeavor?

    • Yes! The guide will have job postings and opportunities to get involved in the plant-based movement. :)

  7. Tom Hawkins

    Thanks for your magazine, my wife and I have been WFPB for 4 years in Jan 2017! Your work keeps us in line with what we need, great ideas for meals and plenty of help with questions we come up with.

    • How wonderful, Tom! Thank you for sharing your comment and congratulations on your journey to health! That’s why Naked Food exists! For all of us! <3

  8. stephanie

    So happy to hear about the compilation of the guide — really looking forward to it’s completion. As a print subscriber from the beginning, I can tell you I love reading your magazine — informative articles, beautiful pictures — so glad it’s available! Thanks for a terrific vegan magazine and keep up the good work…

    • We are thrilled to have you, Stephanie, and thank you so much for your love and support for Naked Food. You are the reason the magazine exists! Together, we will continue spreading the message of whole food, plant-based nutrition! <3 <3

  9. Darlene buchanan

    How do I subscribe to your magazine? I saw the cost of 9.95 and I assume that’s per year but I did not see a link to actually subscribe.

  10. Kate

    Will there be a section listing various conferences and events taking place throughout the year!?!

    Looking forward to the wealth of opportunities for wellness in this Guide!!!

  11. Timothy M Bayley, DO, MS, CMPP

    Delighted to be a part of the Plant-Based Nutrition Community. From my perspective, as a nutritional scientist and medical publications professional the “Guide” provides an excellent resource for both leaders and those looking to nurture and embrace sustainable, durable health!

    I’m particularly interested in extending plant-based nutrition education, and communications through the development of board certification and establishment of an evidence-based journal. Like minded individuals, committed to both scholarly endeavors and nurturing their communities are encouraged to contact me.

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