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The glorious whole food, plant-based approach to living is not really a diet.  It’s a lifestyle and a way of life. It is also the simplest, most basic, and most sustainable form of nutrition humans can practice. This nutritional approach is centered on whole, unprocessed, or minimally processed whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, tubers, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts.

Naked Food proposes the switch from the Standard American Diet (SAD), to the New Authentic, Kind, & Enlightened Diet (NAKED). A whole food, plant-based diet is kind to the humans who eat it, kind to animals, and kind to the planet we all share. Studies show that a plant-based diet would prevent more than eight million deaths, reduce carbon emissions by 70 percent, and help save up to $1 trillion annually in health care costs.

A naked food diet is beneficial and sustainable to human animals, non-human animals, the global economy, the environment, and the planet.

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Naked Healing: Food As Medicine

  1. A Nutritional Approach To Human Disease Prevention & Reversal.

    Healing By Human Health Condition

2. A Nutritional Approach to Global Warming, Green House Gases & Carbon Footprint

3. A Nutritional Approach to Sustainable Agriculture

4. A Nutritional Approach to Sustainability

5. A nutritional Approach to Enlightenment


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