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  1. Paul Murray


    This is the best magazine I have ever seen! You are right – it needs to be in every doctor’s office (and in everyone’s hands). Can I order a case right now!

    • We are honored, Paul! Of course, please contact us at help (at) We will be happy to help :)

  2. Your magazine looks great and I’m waiting to get my first print copy. Do you have a bundle price for the previous print versions? I would like several of them to share with my plant-based group as a resource. It would take too much ink to print them myself. I have recently subscribed to the print version (and I still like paper). Paper with the attractive covers is easiest to share or leave around for others to see…like in doctor’s office waiting rooms. Although if we eat plant-based, we don’t need to see doctors much do we. How about at the gym.


    • Hi Wendy! Yes, we completely agree! Naked Food should be in every doctor’s office, gym, wellness center, school and hospital! Absolutely, we can bundle up the shipping cost for as many past issues you would like to get. If you’d like higher quantities of copies (20+) we can also provide you with wholesale cost + bundled shipping. Please email us directly at help [at] and let us know which and how many issues you’d like to get. :)

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