Naked Food Magazine | Spring 2020


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Naked Food is an independent, nonpartisan, nonreligious, and nonbiased publication that reports evidence-based content pertaining to human and planetary health. We perform independent journalistic research on the variety of subjects that we report and we do not base our statements in mainstream sources. Naked Food is published and sponsored by WFPB.ORG, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers sustainable health for humans and planet through a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle.

Naked Food Magazine | Spring 2020 Features

Naked Health
The Foundation of Powerful Immunity

  • Barrier and Mucosal Immunity
  • Innate Immune System
  • Adaptive Immune System

Whole Body Defense

  • The Role of The Lymphatic System
  • The Role of Vitamin D
  • The Role of Methylation

Immune Dysfunction

  • Low Immunity
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

The Human Microbiome

The Human Virome

The Role of Probiotics

Naked Lifestyle
Improving Immune Resilience

Reducing Chronic Inflammation

  • Immunity in the Daily Life
  • Meet Cytokines

Naked Wisdom
Health Status and Covid-19

  • Viruses & Diabetes
  • Viruses & Heart Disease
  • What are we Dying From?

Antibiotics, Vaccines, and Immune Response

Virus or Exosome?

Brain Health During Times of Adversity

Protecting Yourself

Featured Naked Recipes

All recipes developed by the Naked Food Chefs.

Kale Cacao Antioxidant Bowl

El “mero-mero” Naked Taco

Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Raw Immunity Buddha Bowl

Potato, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry

Ultra Powered Veggie Stew

Immune Boosting Snacks for Kids

Double Chocolate Beet Cake

Quick Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Editor’s Note:

Are We Awake Yet?

Naked Food started seven years ago with the sole purpose of providing the global community an independent source of information and evidence in relation to achieving optimum human health.

Throughout these seven years of hard work, and as its editor in chief, I’ve realized that human health is not an isolated subject that we can analyze and ultimately “fix” ignoring its meaning to the people and industries that control it.  Yes, human health or the lack of it is a commodity that can be controlled and designed as a way of profit for many industries.

Pharmaceutical companies are the backbone of the healthcare industry and have become more powerful through vaccines, treatments, and prescription drugs. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical are interchangeable terms—the engineering of nature in the form or a virus, food, animal, and even human cells belong to and are patented by biotech companies and used in ways that violate and abuse civil and planetary rights. These assets are owned by powerful organizations who also own mainstream media, agriculture (plant and animal), technology (AI, 5G, web), banking, and other industries.

Human health is threatened by the economics and/or geopolitics that are “business as usual” for these organizations; therefore, as independent media, we can no longer talk about health in terms of nutrition and lifestyle changes alone; we must address political or financial factors that threaten it.

We all must be individual participants in the unveiling of truth if we want to become an awakened society. Each one of us needs to analyze information and question the motivation and the potential gains that it may represent. This issue is dedicated to powerful immunity, in physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Let’s be the light that guides to universal wisdom and together, let’s create a supportive and truly conscious humanity that relies on itself instead on those who want to destroy it.

Margarita Restrepo
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Naked Food Magazine

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