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Wholeoween Cookbook

– Halloween Recipes for Wholesome Trick or Treating –

Wholeoween Cookbook | Halloween Recipes for Wholesome Trick or Treating | Naked Food Magazine

For Children From One To One Hundred Years Old!  

Naked Food does it again with a quick and wonderfully creative journey to a healthy and fun halloween that is guaranteed to be a hit with all the members of your family.

Using the magnificent power of whole foods, our chefs have created a colorful array of delicious recipes for optimum health and have make this a wonderful Wholeoween!



Made for picky eaters, our Wholeoween Cookbook makes it easy to incorporate whole plant foods into your children’s diets- from quinoa, oats, tomatoes, plantains, beets to sweet potatoes, berries, and flax- your family can benefit from their detoxifying, immune-boosting, health-promoting powers.

Our Wholeoween Cookbook features 15 spooky and yummy recipes including “Monster BBQ Burgers,” “Bloody Witch Fingers,” “Mr. Boogeyman Pancakes,” “Ghostly Chocolate Brownies” and “Spooky Spider Bites,” drawing on the most creative ways to create nutritious dishes to spark a new love for whole, plant-based, organic cuisine from an early age.

Wholeoween Cookbook
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