Naked Food Magazine | Issue 31

~ ISSUE 31 ~

Volume 9  |  Issue 31 Edition  |  Downloadable References, Citations and Sources


Naked Food is an independent, nonpartisan, nonreligious, and non-biased publication that reports evidence-based content pertaining to human and planetary health.
We perform independent journalistic research on the variety of subjects that we report and we do not base our statements in mainstream sources.
Naked Food is published and sponsored by WFPB.ORG, an initiative that empowers sustainable health for humans and planet through a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle.

Naked Food Magazine | Issue 31 Features

Naked Food
The Benefits of a plant-based diet and Parkinson’s Disease

Naked Health
The Simple Guide to Animal Ingredients

Naked Truth
The Protein Fraud Continues

Naked Wisdom
Impossible and Unhealthy

Naked Healing
Intermittent Fasting 101

Naked Diet
Tofu Cheat Sheet


Featured Naked Recipes

All recipes developed by the Naked Food Chefs.

Purple Potato Hummus
Chocolate Stuffed Plantains
Naked Pumpkin Risotto
Brassica Creamed Cashew Bake
Pulled BBQ Jackfruit
Chestnut & Mushroom Stuffing
Banana Cornbread
Crispy Green Bean Casserole
Savory Coconut Gravy
Coconut Truffles
Dock & PistacHio pesto
Home-Warming Porridge

Editor’s Note:

Learn To Heal

In the last 120 years we have seen an increase in human illnesses.  The contamination of our food supply, our eating habits, and our main resources for survival like water and air, have been compromised more than ever before.  Some preventable conditions, such as cancer, are still being marketed under “looking for the cure”. But again, if we know that these are preventable conditions, why do we keep looking for a cure?  Isn’t the cure in the prevention? And if it is so, then why aren’t they funneling the billions of dollars made every year into education and awareness campaigns that focus on prevention as the cure?

Illness is the concentration of toxicity in a cell—which attaches to and feeds off fats and simple sugars.  And which toxicity is that exactly? The one that is being blasted on us every day through food, air, and water, plus the pharmaceutical drugs sold to us as cures for the symptoms. It is said that a person who takes pharmaceuticals has to detoxify twice. First from the pharmaceutical, and then from the toxin that caused the symptom.

We have been led to believe that there is something out there that holds the key to our wellbeing, but nothing can be farther from the truth.  We already hold the key, we already have the answer, and we already have the cure.  Therefore, I hope that this issue can shed some light into this subject, that of the understanding of natural healing, and the understanding of how we are meant to heal.

Margarita Restrepo
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Naked Food Magazine

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