The Naked, Whole food, plant-based nutrition philosophy excludes:

  • Animal-based foods and products such as meats (including chicken and fish), dairy, and eggs
  • Processed Foods such as refined flour, refined sugar, and sweeteners
  • Vegetable Oils including coconut, canola, palm, and olive oil
  • Sodium-packed ingredients such as table salt, or processed foods high in sodium
  • Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms (GM / GMO) of any kind
  • Chemical-sprayed foods and crops
  • Other toxins such as foods packaged or stored BPA plastic or metal containers, as well as the use of these to prepare foods.
  • Other toxic food ingredients such as colorants, preservatives, additives, etc.

Read the labels.

Check the list of unacceptable and toxic ingredients in food products.

Check our list on unacceptable and toxic ingredients for beauty and body products.

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