Naked Food Magazine Winter 2014


 Winter 2014 Features

Naked Food

Whole Foods For Optimum Health By Brendan Brazier

Naked Healing
The Best Detox By Michael Greger, MD 

Naked Diet
An Apple A Day Melts The Pounds Away By Kathy Freston 

Naked Life
Empowering Change In Early, Middle And Late Life By John McDougall, MD 

Naked Rock Star
Living Naked with Austin Aries

Naked Lifestyle
Parents’ Guide To Building Better Bones By PCRM

Naked Awards

Naked Interview

With Dean Ornish MD 

Naked Fitness
Carve Your Figure With Your Fork By Lani Muelrath

Naked Food Recipes

All recipes by the Naked Food chefs, except as noted

Back To Health Cleanser
Heart & Prostate Healthy
Cabbage Stuffed Avocados
World’s Best Ajiaco
Lentil Chili by Julieanna Hever
Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade Hummus by Julieanna Hever
Napa Apple Salad
Mexican Cabbage by Lindsay Nixon

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