Naked Food Magazine Winter 2018


Naked Food Magazine | Winter 2018 Features

Naked Wisdom
What Is The Natural Human Diet? by Michael Greger, MD.

Naked Lifestyle
Quick Guide To Storing Produce Without Plastic

Naked Truth
Alzheimer’s Disease & Chronic Aluminum Poisoning, by John McDougall, MD

Naked Food
Nutrition, Arthritis, & Autoimmune Diseases, by Michael Klaper, MD

Naked Life
Naked Food Book Club Reviews, by Denise DeSerio

Naked Diet
Preventing & Reversing Kidney Stones, by Pamela Popper, PhD, ND

Naked Healing
The Power of Lifestyle Medicine, by ACLM

Naked Health
9 Cancer-fighting Winter Vegetables, by Margarita Restrepo CPBN

Naked Spotlight
Homemade Veggie Broth:  An Underrated Powerhouse!

Naked Humor
Jack & Jeannie by Patrick Carlson and Dr. Russ L’Hommedieu

Featured Naked Recipes

All recipes developed by the Naked Food Chefs.

Nutty Cauliflower Bisque With Cashews & Roasted Kale
Sesame Roasted Carrots With Tamarind Glaze Reduction
Avocado & Pecan Tart
Buddha Bowl: The Tibetan Rainbow Maker
Buddha Bowl: The Green Gardener
Buddha Bowl: The Plant-Powered Farmer
Nakedly Stuffed Kohlrabi With Mushrooms & Wine Sauce
Naked Carrot Falafel
Home Sweet Home Potato Stew
Persimmon Winter Salad With Ginger-Carrot Dressing

Editor’s Note:

A New Year’s Wish.

For some people, New Year resolutions become things of the past all too quickly.  The excitement of starting a new good habit, or improving on those not-so-good ones will only last a few months unless we truly believe in them.  Advertisers are onto us and take great advantage of this.  It seems that our weakness of character is great for business, so they bombard us with products that sell hopes for a better life. But do they bring the success, health, and wealth we are missing.?  Of course not; they will, however, boost sales and revenues for the company.

I’m not against advertising, just false-advertising. The problem is that we sleepwalk into it—we perpetrate it on ourselves—in the very act of collectively accumulating hundreds of items we don’t need and wasting money, time, and effort into finding fulfillment in the wrong places.  We don’t realize that our wealth is already great, vast, empowering, and mighty.  We already have everything we could possibly need.  Then why do we keep looking for wealth outside? The battle we are fighting is within but we are fighting it in the outside world, like painting the exterior of a house when it’s falling apart inside.  Are we seeking happiness? Then let’s be happy; happiness is a state of mind.  Are we seeking understanding? Then, let’s be the first to understand others.  And how do keep a resolution? By really changing what we can’t accept.

How about that for a resolute New Year’s wish? I wish you all the best, which you already have.  Now share it with the world.  Happy New Year! 

Margarita Restrepo
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Naked Food Magazine

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