How does this gorgeous True Blood superstar vampire live the naked lifestyle?  Here is her advice on how to stay fit, healthy, and beautiful.

Photography: Jasmin Kuhn

Photography: Jasmin Kuhn

1. I work very hard on my health. I think it is incredibly important what you do with, and put in your body every day. I eat an organic plant-based diet and avoid GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) which are most non-organic corn, soy, canola and cotton (cottonseed oil). To learn more watch the movie GMO OMG. (Trailer Below)

2. I see a nutritionist to check my blood yearly so I can keep a look out for any warning signs that I need to change something I’m doing.

3. Exercise is crucial. I walk the dogs, do elliptical and a cardio barre class.  I’m also starting tennis lessons!

4. I’m working on enjoying the moment more and laughing as much as I can. My acting teacher used to say, this isn’t a dress rehearsal and he was right. This moment is all there is.

5. I drink tons of green tea which I hear is good for me. Thank God, because I love it.