In a Press Conference held Saturday, March 13th, 2020 in Italy, the Department of Civil Protection confirms that only two deaths can be attributed to COVID-19

There is a great difference among the registered deaths with or because of the virus. According to the  Department of Civil Proteccion officials in Italy, the numbers are as follows:

The deaths associated with the coronavirus are people with one, two, and three advanced health conditions and high risk of morbidity, older than 70, with a peak between 80-89 years of age.

The confirmed symptoms of those dead are shortness of breath and fever.

Only two individuals under the age of 70 have died, both 39 years of age, one with diagnosed lymphoma and the other with obesity, diabetes and other health conditions present.

It is confirmed that the state of health of those with existing advanced chronic health conditions has been aggravated with the presence of the virus.

Registered Deaths ‘BECAUSE OF’ Covid-19

With the present evidence, only two (2) deaths have shown no presence of secondary health conditions and further testing is being done at this point.


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