The Naked Food Marketplace is the perfect space for whole food, plant-based, and vegan experts, services, products, or events!  The Marketplace will be featured in the printed and digital editions of Naked Food Magazine starting the Summer 2016 issue.  Now you can promote yourself and help others discover you.  Don’t miss out!

~ Doctors & Physicians
~ Book and Film Releases
~ Food Products
~ Whole food, Plant-based, Vegan Services
~ Events, Conferences, and Festivals
~ Farmer’s Markets
~ Nutritionists & Dietitians
~ Chefs
~ Wellness Centers
~ Clinics & Hospitals
~ Veterinarians
~ Health Coaches
~ Websites & Blogs
~ Restaurants & Cafes
~ Hotels
~ Gyms & Yoga Centers
~ Personal Trainers

7 Reasons To  Advertise With Naked Food

1. A high percentage of readers are new to the whole food, plant-based nutrition lifestyle and are keen to discover products and services that are useful and new to them.
2. Readers are always looking for new products and are pleased to find relevant advertisements.
3. Naked Food has won important awards since launching in April 2014 and is highly valued by its readers.
4. The magazine is seen as one of the keys to bringing plant-based nutrition into mainstream culture and leading the way to educating and empowering healthier lifestyle habits.
5. Naked Food is the only 100% whole food, plant-based/vegan nutrition lifestyle magazine on the US newsstands!
6. “Plant-based” vs “Vegetarian” Search on Google is now 2:1 and increasing.
7. Plant-based/Vegan is the fastest growing food and lifestyle interest and is forecast to grow substantially.


1. Choose Your Marketplace Ad Type

a. CLASSIFIED AD (2.2″ x 0.75″)
Classified ads have never been this great.  Now you can promote yourself, your company, product, or service, and make a difference in the lives of many!

$85 for 1 issue – Introductory price $65 
$70 for 4 issues ($280 / year) – Introductory price $50 ($200 / year)

Ad example

(Ad preview enlarged)

b. Marketplace AD (2.2″ x 2.8″)

Did you know? Sixty percent of Naked Food readers are already following a plant-based diet. The remaining 40% are not completely plant-based but are looking to change their diet and lifestyle options for health, environmental, and animal reasons. Let’s help them make the leap!
Naked Food readers are based worldwide. Our readership includes the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Germany, and New Zealand.

$200 for 1 issueIntroductory price $150
$160 for 4 issues ($640 / year) – Introductory price $110 ($440 / year)

Ad example

(Ad preview enlarged)

2. Prepare your artwork or classified text and image.

After checkout, you will be prompted to the submission instructions.  For classifieds, please provide the classified text and logo or image. For marketplace ads, please provide us with the artwork (300 dpi resolution, size 2.2″ x 2.8″).

Don’t have a graphic? We can make one for you. Design services are available starting from $150.

3. Checkout.

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