How can I renew my subscription online?
Just enter your name and last name on the checkout page. The online system will identify you as a previous subscriber with a prompt that says ‘Is This You?‘. If you select “yes”, the subscription will act as a renewal.  Follow the steps and check out.

How can I renew a gift subscription?
There are two ways:
1.Enter the information of the person you gave the subscription to on the checkout page.  The system will identify them as a previous subscriber with a prompt that says ‘Is This You?’. If they select yes, follow the steps and the subscription will act as a renewal.
2. You will need to use the renewal code on their receipt that is sent to them at the time of the purchase, as well as their zip code, and renew via the Subscriber Login.

How do I update my address?
Log in to your account via the Subscriber Login and add your new address.

I just subscribed.  Where is my digital issue?
The link to view and download your first new issue can be found in your purchase email receipt. If you have not received your purchase receipt, please contact us.

When will I receive my first print issue? I ordered a few weeks ago.
We apologize for keeping you waiting! Subscription copies are mailed in two mass mailings during the term of the issue. If your order was placed after the second mass mailing, it will start with the next issue.  If you’d like to receive the current issue, however, please email us, and we’ll mail it for you with a shipping fee. Check below for mailing dates:

Fall Issue: September 20th / November 1st
Winter Issue: December 20th / February 1st
Spring Issue: March 20th / May 1st
Summer Issue: June 20th / August 1st

I’d like to start my subscription with the next issue.  I already have the current one. Can you update my order?
No Problem!  Simply send us an email and let us know.  We’ll update your subscription to start with the next issue.

  1. Cindy Fehd

    I am a digital subscriber but would like to go back to print. How?

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