The same year that the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign was founded (1985) as a team effort between the American Cancer Society and a pharmaceutical company (AstraZeneca), I wrote McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion. This book includes a comprehensive chapter on the testing and treatment of breast cancer. You will be shocked to learn that medical doctors and scientists have known for more than 30 years about the harms that are still being done to women. Countless women have been subjected to life-damaging fear, testing, biopsies, radiation, breast amputations, drugs, and death, with little, if any, improvement in the quality or quantity of their lives.

Book Title: A Challenging Second Opinion, Author: John A. McDougall, MD., Publisher: New Win Publishing Release, Date: October 1986.

The reason this inhumanity continues is that the business of diagnosing and treating breast cancer generates a great deal of money for medical practices; far more than would be generated through alleviating women’s suffering.

McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion can be ordered as a PDF from his website, and it is found in libraries and secondhand bookstores. However, Dr. McDougall has given Naked Food the permission to redistribute the chapter on breast cancer with our readers.

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