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Emily von Euw is the creator of the award-winning blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life, where she makes, photographs and shares raw vegan recipes with the world. She lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada with her crazy family. When she's not whipping up raw vegan coconut cream pie in the kitchen, she can be found dancing in the streets, hugging trees, writing philosophy papers in university, enjoying some Downward Dog, or excitedly rubbing essential oils on everything.
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Berry fruit tarts + chia seeds
3 years ago

Berry fruit tarts + chia seeds

Yield: Makes 3 tarts. Recipe developed by Emily Von Euw.


  • Crust ¼ cup dates ¼ cup raisins ¼ cup dried figs
  • Filling 1-2 bananas 2 tablespoon chia …
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